Fair Use Policy

Umay Graphics may be used free of charge for print and web based personal projects. Suggestions include personal blogs, not-for-profit publications, flyers, lesson plans, banners and signs, slideshows, class newsletters, school websites, and general personal/educational resources.

Yes.  Umay Graphics may be used in the creation of Teachers Pay Teachers, ESL Printables, and similar paid teaching resources as long as appropriate credit is provided in the form of a URL or text credit.

Umay Graphics are thrilled you wish to share your love of clipart with the global community.  Yes.  You may post/pin/tweet our graphics on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.  All we ask is that where possible a link back to our website is included in the post so that other clipart lovers may find us.

Yes. Umay Graphics may be used in the creation of personal e-greetings and emails, however, Umay clipart is NOT to be stored in e-Greeting image archives.  e-Greeting use is limited to personal greetings between family, friends, and colleagues.  Umay clipart is NEVER to be used as part of a spamming process or in relation any illegal activity.

Images may NOT be stored in online graphic repositories or zip files for further distribution.

Images may NOT be used to create mobile applications, commercial software, clothing/homewares/stationery/peripherals and similar transfers.  A license is required for this type of use; please email for  personal/commercial pricing.

Commercial use is PROHIBITED without prior authorisation.  Commercial use is classified as any business venture that generates a profit.  A license is required for this type of use; please email for  personal/commercial pricing.

All images are unique designs created by the Umay team. While you are welcome to collage/scrapbook the images and resize as required, copying or editing individual images is not permitted.  We request that clipart remains derivative free.

Our free clipart range consists of images at a 72 DPI, with a maximum height of 500 pixels.  If you require a higher resolution, please consider our premium range. Umay Premium clipart has a minimum 300 DPI.  In addition our premium range features a selection of vector graphics suitable for multi-sizing. Our premium range is available through our Teachers Pay Teachers portal (coming soon).

Umay is a not-for profit family affair.  We do not promote advertising on our website and have no plans to do so in the future.  Our design team are professional educators and designers.  We create clipart because we enjoy the creative process and like to give back to the community.  Our range of clipart is limited to our personal preferences and creative interests.  We trust you enjoy our range of free clipart and encourage you to experience our premium range.

If you like what you see, don’t forget to tell your friends.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We are new but determined to build the Umay Community.  We also welcome ideas so don’t be shy!

If you have any queries regarding our clipart, please use the email address below to contact a member of the Umay design team.